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JR Consultants makes purchasing any vehicle, new or used with a simple process. We are your advocate and take into account your needs for your vehicle purchase. Our process is transparent and direct. We are ready to move on current market conditions in our clients favor against the Dealer.

JR Consultants is a company with over 10 years in Automotive sales. We use our experiences in the industry to work with the dealers in your current metro area. This gives us the heartbeat of the auto industry. With that heartbeat, we advocate for thousands of people, getting the car they are in market for at the time, with the best deal over all. 

Charlotte Car Buying Made Easy

Competitive Automotive Consulting Pricing

Get the best deal with our flat fee rates


Vehicle Purchases with MSRP under $35,999


Vehicle Purchases with MSRP over $50,000 up to $75,000

3.29% of

Sales Price

Vehicle Purchases with MSRP over $75,000

(Free insured delivery upon request)


Vehicle Purchases with MSRP from $36,000 up to $49,999

Business Setup (1).png

Step 1

Contact JR Consultants at JR Transport 2 U

Step 2

Pay $250 + $30 to start credit repair

Step 3

21 Days later pay flat fee of only $649 and pick out your next vehicle

Step 4

30-45 days later

Sign & Drive

$0 down for your exact vehicle or SUV of your DREAMS

Contact Us Today!

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Up to 4 different manufacturer test drives and lunch on us! 

(+ $100 to any option listed above) 

* $100 non-refundable deposit due after client agrees to use JR Consultants

Test Drive Lunch Day

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